We at CMP are known for our unique newborn and toddler setups, our large assortment of handmade dresses, props, and accessories, as well as our dreamlike images bursting with color and creativity! I always hated having my photos taken as a child, so to make the process seem less dreadful, love planning ‘play dates’ and creating sets for children so the normally dreaded photo shoot seems like nothing more then a day at the park!


   I'm a 27 year old creative portrait photographer specializing in couples, family, & event photography from Nashville, TN. I primarily shoot on location but have a small natural light studio. I used to want to be in Vogue & shoot the newest fashion sensations, but now my goal is to be in the homes of families, capturing their most precious moments. My goal in this career is to show everyone that there is beauty everywhere you look and in every person you meet. I strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your session and make sure you look as beautiful as you truly are! 

   Though I started primarily shooting landscapes in High School I quickly gravitated to portrait photography. Photography became a great social outlet for me during high school & helped me venture outside of my safety bubble & meet tons of wonderful people. Over the last couple of years, as I've grown in experience & age, my work broadened to fit the established clientele I had grown with as they hit the milestones in life such as having children & tying the knot. I fell in love with the unpredictable & have been shooting weddings & little ones for almost four years now. I now spend photo sessions trying to chase after toddlers, making bad jokes with adults to get them to truly laugh, talking over coffee or root beer floats with my wedding clients, & singing Baby Shark with the younglings. (Doodoodoodoodoo)

    I love telling people that I'm on the Paleo diet, which I am when I remember I am. I like to pretend I’m a bit of a health nut & I primarily live off of Coffee, Kale Chips, & Cauliflower so my house is always super stinky from overcooked vegetables! I have a deep love for Disney movies, as do all people, & I always try to pull some type of inspiration from them, whether it be the vibrance of color in my images, the fairy tale esc locations, or the giddy feeling you get when you look back at your images. I'm also a huge horror movie fan & sometimes I get those things mixed up. I spend most of my time working, but in my little down time I love to bake all types of sweets that I shouldn't be eating so I dispense to others (If I can't get skinny I might as well make everyone around me fat!) & driving to the middle of no where to find the perfect locations! I'm constantly working with my hands & I'm always exploring thrift stores trying to find things to spruce up my life & add to my collection of props! I have four babies & I don't know how it got this bad. One over weight Siamese cat named Isaac, teenager Oliver has now turned into a well rounded young adult, a wise cracking street cat named Hank who was dumped at Nashville West with some serious injuries, & our newest addition is a fluff monster Apollo who was also dumped behind some restaurants in Bellevue. 



Apollo - Professional Beggar

We’re not really sure what Apollo is in charge of just yet. He’s a cat of all trades. If anything, he’s in charge of keeping your baby happy. He’ll occasionally travel into the studio and let you child pet him. Don’t be fooled, he’s only seeing if there are any left over crumbs on them so he can eat them. His favorite food are the poofs and barbecue chips.


Isaac - Professional Lap Warmer

Isaac is in charge of answering emails & messages on social media. He hasn’t mastered typing with his paws yet & sometimes he gets distracted by the house plants so normally it takes a few days to compose a very short message. Please forgive his cat ADD.

Hank - Amateur Cat, Professional Tomboy

Hank is in charge of updating the blog and online galleries but sometimes she realizes she’s really dirty & has to clean herself. Cleaning can take days, so even after it's been said that something will be updated it could take days for her to actually click the 'Post' or 'Save' button.


Oliver - Professional Street Cat

Oliver is in charge of proof reading everyding but on a count of livng on the stret an being addicted to the CN (Catnip) most hiz life he doesn't know how to spll goode. Sometimes blogs are rewritten three times even after they're published for this very reason! He also weeds out the spam emails, which he considers everything spam, so don’t take offense!