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How does birth photography work?

We start your entry into the hospital praying that you’re in labor for two hours at most, you don't tear, and the epidural kicks in when it needs to. As I get 'set up' in your room I flip the lights on and off trying to decide what looks better for lighting until the nurses come in and turn them off so you can get some rest. While your husband/boyfriend naps you can’t sleep because your contractions. I joke about how all the windows are sealed so you can’t jump out, you joke about being worried you might poop on yourself during birth but don't admit to anyone you ate two taco bell bean burritos just three hours ago.

You become enraged when they tell you your water has broken and now you can only eat ice chips, even though you’re going to be in labor for fourteen hours. Your husband is still sleeping. Your family shows up to visit you before you have the baby and bring in their bags of Chick-fil-a that smell amazing and proceed to eat right in front of you and make jokes about how you can’t eat. You make a mental note to remember this when you decide if they’re going to live in a retirement home or with you. 

You’ve been sitting at a 5 for over two hours now and they finally come in to give you Pitocin to speed things up but it only makes you sick. So many nurses have been in to check on you you recall that quote from Creed in The Office when he's talking about the 60s. Anybody could have slipped in the room and there'd be no way of knowing. Shift change seems to have happened 3 times already and you can't remember your current nurses name and you feel terrible about it because they've all been wonderful. I tell you I'm going to go let the dog out because I've already been there for 5 hours waiting with you but really I'm going to get a coffee and a sandwich. 

You're into the 14th hour and suddenly the baby is coming! Your epidural has worn off and they tell you there's no time for another one. Three other babies are being born at that exact same moment though and you start to worry the Doctor isn't going to make it into the room in time and your husband is complaining you're squeezing his hand too tight. 

The moment comes and your baby is finally here! You start to cry, not just because you're so incredibly happy and in love already, but because they've started pushing on your stomach and that hurts just as much. All your hard work has finally paid off as you get to hold your little one and you realize you gave birth to a grumpy looking old man.

You pooped on yourself. Nobody has noticed though and when you mention it later I say I'll photoshop it out but really to save time I just made the photo black and white. You can't tell the difference.

Someone in your family has already shared the cell phone photo you sent them, even though you asked them not to, and now everyone is texting you and asking for photos and updates.  You're exhausted but can't nap. The nurses come in every two hours so when you do go to sleep it's for very brief moments. You still can't eat.

In between all that I take photos. 

When do we call you?

As soon as you're heading to the hospital!!! This gives me time to get everything together and enough time to send myself into a full blown panic. Let me know what room you're in and let me know what you're dilated at! I generally get to the hospital when you're around a 5 however it all depends on how you're progressing!

What if I go in to labor in the middle of the night? 

That’s whenever everyone goes into labor so don’t worry!

Do you offer a bundle deal if we do newborn and birth photos?

Of course! I have multiple bundle packages for 'Babies First Year', which allow split payments and priority scheduling!

I like the idea of birth photography but I don’t want my goods on the internet…. 

I generally don’t share any birth photos online, and if I do I avoid nursing photos or photos of the baby departing your body. If you don’t want any photos at all online though that’s totally fine! Just let me know!

I didn't think about ordering a cute swaddle or robe for our hospital photos... do you have any available?

I have loads of swaddles for both boys and girls, which are also available for purchase if you decide you like them enough! However at the moment I don't have any robes. 

Do you do at home births? 

Of course! Only if we can listen to my 8th grade playlist before we listen to your chanting monks from the high mountain tape

What's your craziest birth story?

It involves a Monkey Rabbi, a 40 year old woman in a cheerleading outfit, and a bottle of Pinot Noiro

 I don’t think I’m comfortable having someone else in the room while I’m giving birth

First off, that’s not a question. Second, that’s totally fine! We offer a ‘Morning after’ plan where we come to the hospital the day after, which gives you time to sleep for two hours. This also gives you the chance to brush your hair, put some mascara on, and change into that cute little robe I talked about earlier. We’ll also get some swaddled photos of your little one, or in their ‘going home’ outfit, as well as some photos with Mom and Dad!

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