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I don’t feel comfortable with the way I look pregnant and I’m not sure if Maternity Photos are for me…

Ask your parents if they have any photos of themselves while pregnant with you. The majority of the time, the answer is no. Now, ask them if they wish they had maternity photos like women get now. Majority of the time, the answer is yes. Not feeling comfortable in your body, especially when you’re in your third trimester, is totally understandable. Most of us aren’t like those Instagram Moms out there who have somehow not managed to gain a pound and still run two miles a day. However, one day you’ll look back at your photos and forget all about how exhausted and uncomfortable you were and instead remember the journey it took to get to motherhood. Having maternity photos made aren’t just for you either, you’ll be able to share the photos with your child when they’re older and they’ll be thrilled to see photos of themselves still in your tummy.

A good photographer will make sure you look your best and will emphasize your best features. We will help you carefully select a dress/outfit that you feel most comfortable in and we will spend lots of time assisting in posing during your session.

Where are you located?

I’m a Nashville Maternity Photographer, however, I’m available to travel! I’ve done maternity shoots all around the state of Tennessee as well as out of state with all types of Mama’s to be! Any located exceeding 10 miles of the home studio though are subject to a travel fee.

When should I do a Maternity Session?

I suggest anytime in the Third Trimester and I’m definitely a firm believer in the bigger the better, but you know your own body better than I! If you’re getting to the point of being uncomfortable than we will schedule your session at your earliest convenience.

What should I wear?

If you’re having a big brain fart on how to dress, don’t worry. We offer a large variety of gowns in all colors, styles, and sizes! Not all pregnant bodies are created equal though so choose the dress or outfit that will accentuate your bump and that you feel most comfortable in. We love tight fitting tops that emphasize the bump, which can be paired with a loose button up, cardigan, or jacket, however, anything with a high waistband and a flowy bottom is another great go to. If all else fails, Pinterest is always a huge help and full of inspiration! You can also rent dresses from online shops such as Rent The Runway

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When should I book my Newborn Session?

I prefer Newborn Photography Sessions be scheduled at least 5 weeks before your little ones arrival. Generally my schedule stays pretty full, especially around September and October because everyone gets pregnant during the winter and after Valentines Day, so it guarantees you a time slot! If you totally didn’t think of hiring a Newborn Photographer and you’re in your final weeks of pregnancy by all means still feel free to contact me and I can always check my schedule! If by chance you’ve given birth, realize the hospital photos are atrocious, and you’re desperate, still feel free to contact me. I don’t like to call myself a last resort but, sometimes it is what it is!

When should I bring my baby to you for Newborn Photos?

Newborn Photos are best taken around 10 days old, or before they’re 14 days! Babies at this point are less cranky, more likely to sleep, and are much more flexible, giving us the chance to get some of those super cute poses!

Oh Shoot, my Baby is over 14 days old… Can you still do Newborn Photos?

Definitely!!! I’ve done several sessions of Babies over the 14 day marker, they’re just less likely to do certain poses and more likely to give us some lip during our session.

How long do Newborn Sessions last?

Newborn Sessions typically last 3-4 hours

Three to Four hours!?!?!

Yes, 3 to 4 hours. I’ve been a Newborn Photographer for years now and I assure you, trying to get newborns into those super cute poses takes time, and while I wish they took orders as well as adults, they march to their own beat. We strive to make a very comfortable environment for your baby and always ensure every pose is done properly and safely. We also make sure we don’t have extended Dr. Evil fingers or any birds shots (maybe a bird shot). Have you ever seen a photo of a baby with their hand dragging cross their face, fingers in every direction, or with one foot up in the air? NOT IN MY PHOTOS YOU HAVEN’T!!!! Also we give lots of time for feeding and changing as needed. We also have group crying breaks.

Where is your studio?

My studio is in Nashville! I’m a Nashville Newborn Photographer! (I’m sorry, Google requires this) I have a small natural light home studio that I generally do my sessions in located in West Meade! I do however love me some outdoor Newborn sessions and, depending on the weather, will gladly meet you at one of Nashville’s many lovely parks. I have a large list of locations that we can utilize to fit whatever theme you choose for your session and give us the chance to incorporate some natural beauty into your little ones session! If you like, we can do indoor newborn photos and outdoor Family photos!

Can you come to us?

Gladly! I’ve loaded up my car with a large assortment of props, my bean bag, and wood floor more times then I can remember! I do highly highly suggest that you have good natural light, such as large full sun windows. If you decide to do an at home newborn session we can do a ‘Lifestyle Session’ instead of the traditional newborn session. Any location of 10 miles is subject to a travel fee and I generally add on an hour to the session, which gives me 30 minutes to set up.

Are family or sibling photos included?

They are and they’re encouraged! We always suggest taking sibling photos with their newest sibling first thing, that way Dad or Trusted Family Member can take them afterwards so they don’t get too restless. If that isn’t an option, I suggest bringing something for them to do, otherwise they can rough it in the two acres of woods behind my house. We prefer keeping it under 5 people though, if it’s more please let me know in advance!

Do you provide props and outfits?

God you ask a lot of questions, yes. We have a large arrangement of colors and styles available and you guys have access to anything available. We will send you questionnaire while you’re still pregnant to get a better idea of the theme/look you’re going for.

What if the weather forecast is looking awful and we have booked an outdoor session?

If it is raining, we will reschedule your session. If the forecast looks icky, we’ll either make the call the night before, or play it by ear. We’ll be in touch days before your session so we’ll weigh our options!

What happens if I get sick?

If you’re sick, if baby is sick, if I’m sick, we’ll postpone. I prefer 24 hours notice and your deposit will be transferable to one other date! Be sure to make your photographer, me, aware of any medical issues or health concerns before the session, as this can have an effect on your babies willingness to be photographed! Don’t tell me the last hour of your session that your Baby had their frenulum cut and that’s why they haven’t stopped crying

Gee Willikers that’s a lot of info… But I still have more questions

Feel free to Contact Me with whatever silly questions you might have!