Baby L Cake Smash

One of the things we all star to notice when we get older as how quick the years go by (I guess that's a cruel trick that gets played on us once we're out of school, cause GOD KNOWS THE SCHOOL YEAR DRAGGED ON). We all thought our parents were joking but it's something we can't deny! It's already almost Halloween & Thanksgiving & Christmas will be here before you know it! One of the biggest indicators of how quickly time goes is when you're celebrating babies milestones... I don't have children myself (yet) but it blows my mind when one of my friends say they're about to be celebrating their child's first birthday when it seems like we JUST did their newborn photos!!!

I guess it was a year ago we did Baby L's newborn photos & about a month ago we planned his cake smash! His handsome Papa & beautiful Mama woke up early & got pretty for our morning session & walked a good half mile to get to our location!

Despite being exhausted, of course, & despite the fact that L's sweet father Josh had a hurt back just days before our session they still somehow managed to throw L up and down, spin him around, walk forever to get to our location with such ease & still look great while doing it! While his parents woke up model ready Baby L was so interested in everything going on around us it was hard to get him to sit still, so most of the session someone had to have their hands on him! He still managed to look so handsome for all his photos though. You can tell this little dude has his photos taken all the time!

Baby L's parents have always been up for anything & have been pretty much willing to let me do anything with him, so I was over the moon when they allowed me to document his chunkiness with some amazing nude river photos. Baby L didn't seem to mind at all & spent most of his time in the water splashing or trying to eat what I can imagine were some incredibly tasty river rocks.  

After being oh so cruelly denied his river rocks L was more than ready for his cake! The location we chose was one of the fields his mother used to play softball at when she was younger & with high hopes maybe one day, when the time comes, he'll be playing baseball at one of these fields! He sure seemed interested enough!

20 & 15 in the first INN, crazy right?

Where as L never really got past the icing (that's the best part anyways) he was still probably one of the messiest babies I've ever had, without the help of his parents, & was so sweet even during the clean up process! It's always so sad seeing my newborns again for their one year but I'm always so honored that I get the opportunity to watch them grow & that their parents choose to come back to me again & again!

The M family has always been so wonderful to me & they're always so incredibly so great to work with! I was looking forward to this moment for a year & now that the time has come & gone I really don't know what I'm going to do! Thankfully I'll still be able to see this family from time to time but it's been a real treat watching them grow as a couple over the years & now to see their little family complete!

Happy Birthday Baby L!

I want to give a huge thank you to the awesome vendor who custom made L's onsie & got it to me so quickly!!!

Onsie by the awesome SimplySublimeBaby -

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