DW Materinty Session

Happy Second Birthday Baby M!

See how long it took me to get myself together? Though Baby M’s birthday was a week ago I’m happy to be able to share these photos! I always love getting to work with new clients but it’s even more special to get the opportunity to continuously work with ‘old’ clients! Not only do I get to see watch my work develop through their photos but I also get to watch the families grow!!! I’ve seen babies when they were just a couple of days old, I’ve got to capture them taking some of their first steps, & I’ve even gotten to see some as they went to their first day of school!

I first met the DW family at their wedding in 2012. If I remember correctly it was the 4th wedding I had ever done & my first out of state wedding! Despite me 'Lack of Experience’ Tricia & Keith blessed me with the privilege to capture their special day. You would never know just how cold it really was by looking at the photos!

To my surprise Tricia contacted me just seven months later to do maternity photos! This was my second maternity shoot!

A few months afterwards Baby M & his family made a trip to my home in Nashville, where I did my first ever newborn session! Baby M spoiled me, he didn’t use the potty at all throughout our whole session, which was something I wasn’t even thinking of when I set him on my fur coat!!

Now, almost three years after our first session the cycle starts once again as I work with this growing family!!! There family has grown from two, to three, & now they’re expecting their fourth, who will be here any time now!!!  I’m always amazed how far this family drives to meet with me & how well behaved Baby M ALWAYS is. As soon as the new Big Boy M was out of the car he was running away from the car & through the field, Papa K & I hot on his heels! While Mama T got ready Baby M showed me just how much of a Daddy’s boy he really was.

Trish has thing she seems to unintentionally do with her maternity sessions… at Baby M’s maternity session she wore a pink dress, despite being pregnant with a little boy, & this session she wore a blue dress even though baby RED is defiantly a girl!!!

Keith was deployed while Trish was still pregnant with Baby M so you can only imagine how excited the two were to be able to experience every step of their second child’s growth together!

I’m always appreciative of all my clients but this family I must say takes the cake. I started with them when they were first starting their lives together & now that they’ve grown & flourished it’s given me the opportunity to do the same. This family has had so many first & I’ve been so honored to share all of them with them & despite how old some of their photos might be I still love having this gorgeous growing family in my portfolio!!! Even if T wasn’t pregnant I’d still find a way to swindle them down to TN for a visit! Being able to work with them is just as good though!!!

I’ve got my phone volume constantly up & check it in the wee hours of the night waiting for this mama to let me know she’s having RED, so her face will defiantly be gracing my blog & portfolio soon!!!

Words can’t describe how much I admire & appreciate this family & once again a huge THANK YOU to the DW family for keeping me in your lives!!!