A & Q Sunflower Maternity Session

This year I’ve gotten to knock lot off of bucket list, but by far this might be one of the things I’ve been waiting the longest to do! Nashville is known for its many beautiful parks but my God Sunflower Fields have been illusive to me. There are several farms that have them but generally, or to my understanding, a full fledge photoshoot there isn’t an option. When I actually found a promising one last year that grows sunflowers every year it turns out that the harvest hadn’t done good that year and they had nothing… SOOOO… after many years of waiting I was finally able to do a quick maternity photoshoot with the real life Prince Charming and Princess Cinderella! A & Q are a dream come true and I like to live vicariously through them and all their glory. Now that they’re expecting a baby girl, who has the best name,

If you’re here from Pinterest you’re going to be highly disappointed because the very last image is the only one of its kind, as the rest didn’t seem to look as good with the dramatic sky. Hopefully you still enjoy the rest of the images in this mini gallery though!


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