beach photography

Moms 29th Birthday

You only turn 29 once (maybe twice) and I can see no better way to commemorate her beauty and youth then in some awesome beach photos! Everyone on the beach watched mom in awe and lots of people took photos! We're pretty sure they thought she was a famous movie star or something to that caliber. 

I owe my success and devilishly good looks to this woman and hope that one day I am half as good a mother to my children as she has been to us. This woman inspires me to be better and I'm so lucky to have her there to guide me through all my problems no matter how small they may be! I did however draw the short end on the awesome hair though. At 29 my mom still has the thickest hair I've ever seen and I'm pretty sure every time I brush mine it's all going to fall out.

Happy very late birthday to the most wonderful woman I know!

Mom 3 - Chelsea Meadows Photography.jpg