Baby R Newborn Session

From Belly to Baby, Baby R is finally here!

After what seemed like forever R finally made his big debut & his still incredibly beautiful Mama & Papa came to visit the home studio! Baby R was by far one of the biggest babies I've ever seen & had so much hair that his mom & dad kept having to comb it over during our session! As expected, he was so incredibly handsome & had some of the biggest lips I've ever seen! Though he was less than a week old (I believe) when he came it seemed like Tess & Noah never missed a beat. His tummy was upset the day of the session so he was a bit fussy but T & N would simply pass him between one another, feed him, burp him, coddle him, whatever it took! It came so naturally to them, it was almost like they were seasoned parents & I was incredibly impressed!

These two were more than happy to do the majority of their session outside & outside babies have to be some of my favorite babies!!! We did a small session in the studio one day & had to continue to a second day, simply because we were on a time limit with Noah's work. Second visit took hardly any time & we were finished just a bit over an hour when we actually got started! Baby R was happy to be held by his parents & was constantly eating in between shots! Noah had his bottle shoved in his pocket the majority of the session & would pop it for ten seconds than put it right back up.

When we did Tess & Noah's gender reveal we briefly spoke about doing newborn photos. I had asked them what type of theme they were planning on doing for his nursery & what type of things they liked, in which Tess immediately answered Elephants! (Like the wonderful boyfriend Noah was, he just agreed with her.) Sure enough a week or so later I ordered this amazing set! I wasn't even sure at this point if they would bring R to me just because I was simply in love with the idea & just like them, I loved the jungle theme for little boys!

This was the first time I was ever actually able to get this pose to work! I had a lot of help from Tess though & this has probably turned into one of my favorite image to date!!!

When we did the first segment at my home studio I probably spenta good 30 minutes wrapping & unwrapping R. He was SO strong & so resilient, but when he would settle down long enough for me to snap a few shots he did wonderful!

Hopefully in a years time I'll be writing a blog covering R's cake smash, & I'll be talking about how crazy it is that he's already a year old & how it seems like we just did his newborn photos...  time flies but I always love being able to see families at their earliest milestones & that they trust me with documenting such important events! Baby R was well worth the wait & I can't wait to see his lovely family again!