Tessa & Noah Maternity

Mama Tess & Papa Noah came back to visit me the other week!

Over the last two years my clientele has changed to primarily being under the age of two & that’s totally okay with me! As a result, everyone always assumes I have crazy baby fever! This isn’t entirely true, however, when the time comes Tess is the type of pregnant woman I want to be!!! Everything she does is just so full of enthusiasm & she just radiates style & beauty. Almost full term & still gorgeous!

We all managed to somehow travel through the tall grass & somehow not get eaten. Noah did however step in a yellow jacket nest half way through the session & somehow managed to tough it out despite being stung in his leg several times & keep his lovely lady happy & comfortable.

I can’t gush out too many feeling about this awesome couple because I won’t have anything to say when they come back to me for their newborn session! Noah & Tessa are such a happy couple & Baby R is so lucky to have a mama & papa that are not only so in love with him already but that genuinely enjoy the company of one another.