Baby O's Cake Smash

Now here’s a little guy that’s always smiling!

Baby O visited for his first birthday! For those of you who don’t remember, Baby O visited the CMP studio for his newborn photos last fall! At the time he was the best baby that I had ever had the pleasure of shooting in terms of sleeping & staying posed. He was just as easy to work with this time & had all of us chasing him around the park for his session with his Mama & Papa. You can tell when a child has had a ton of photos taken of them! Baby O loved the camera, & couldn’t stop looking at it, & the camera (photographer) loved him!   

When it came time to do his cake smash we tried to keep to the theme we had during his newborn photos & even used the same location! He might not have been able to fit in the best of my trucks anymore but he sure was up for playing with them. I’ve become such a fan of outdoor cake smash sessions, even though there's a few downfalls, one of which is that there’s so many distracting things around (especially when you have a huge row of toys behind you!). Baby O wasn’t too sure of his cake but he sure did enjoy the rocks he was sitting on.  

Eventually he destroyed his cake by standing in it and dragging his knees through it... But hey, whatever it takes! I love watching babies grow & it was such apleasure seeing this little guy again, no matter how old it makes me feel!

So once again, Happy (Late) Birthday Baby O!