Matoka & Jarett Engagment Session

Going on adventures with friends is one of the best parts of being a photographer! As much as I love my many adventures with young Samuel there's just something extra special about going out and sharing in the mischief with equally as awesome people. Matoka & Jarett are always so much fun to be around and I always get some stunning images from all their sessions so when we planned on going to Cummins Falls I thought we would get some drop dead gorgeous images at the waterfall! Well, we got some awesome images but they weren't by the waterfall! None of us had ever been to the area & as beautiful of a drive & walk as it was it was atrocious to navigate. The weather was thankfully beautiful but that just meant the area was packed with people who didn't seem to notice that we were taking pictures. We went out of the way in lots of areas to get photos and not to disturb anyone doing their thing and somehow people still seemed to go out of their way to sit on the same rock or stand in the same area as J & M. The fact that it just so happened to be the one time of year I get sick & I had no voice what so ever didn't help too much! Thankfully Blake was there to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible & I had to use him multiple times to show the two what type of pose I needed them to do. Despite the craziness of the day these two were such good sports & always provide such amazing conversation. They managed to make a crazy day an amazing experience and despite the cluttered setting they still knocked it out of the park! In every photo, posed or not the way they look at each other is the way that all women want their man to look at them (& vice versa). One of the best things from the day was the fact that Matoka was painting her nails as we went, which takes some serious skill!!!

 I can't wait to finish this session up or for their wedding in October!!!