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Little Ms. R Pageant Session

No matter how often you work with a family or how well you think you know them they always seem to have a way of surprising you! That was very much so the case for Ms. R, even though I was literally there when she was born and have worked with her multiple times since then I was taken back how much of a little fireball she was on our private session together! Without her big brother or father around I got to focus exclusively on this little lady for her Pageant photos and she was such an incredible delight. Her personality is much too old for her age, she is so incredibly well behaved, exceptionally smart, and is just all around funny. The hour we spent playing peekaboo to get these beautiful cheeky smiles was by far the best hour of that day! If this little lady gives the judges in Texas just an ounce of the personality she gave me she's going to knock it out of the park!!!

Little Ms. R's floral headband by the super awesome 100AcreBoutique

Baby N Newborn Session

I always talk about how newborns are one of the most challenging sessions I ever have but the most rewarding... well... this little dude was easy peezy lemon squeezie! At almost a month old Baby N definitely had me a little nervous for his session. After about the 10 day period most babies don't want to cooperate nearly as much as we would like and are less likely to sleep or do certain poses... HOWEVER, Baby N slept the majority of his session and preferred being photographed outdoors, which is my favorite place for babies! He loved basking in the sunlight and made me want to exclusively shoot outdoors from now on. His wonderful mama gave me creative control of his session and thankfully she was just as big a fan of bonnets with ears on them as I am! I was finally able to use some props I have never gotten to use before and I couldn't have picked a more handsome guy to break them in! He looked good in almost every color and I made sure to keep him and his mama the whole 4 hours I generally schedule for my newborn sessions!

Mama A and I got along from the get go because we both have such awful senses of humor and we both have the same taste in style. Even though we had only exchanged a few texts I knew I'd love her company and she did not disappoint! When we were discussing what she was going to wear for her session I 'politely pushed' the white gown I had in my inventory that I had yet to use and she thankfully obliged! She rocked her outfit and it matched perfectly with Baby N's knit outfit from Boutique De Marzian!

I don't think I've ever had family photos of as smoothly as I did with this session. Every newborn session I try and lay out a plan to make the session go as smooth as possible however it all depends on how the babies are when they arrive and generally never goes the way I had intended! For this session we were able to save Mama/son photos till the very end and it's of course when Baby N slept the hardest! Every move came so naturally to Mama A and N just went with whatever she did,I've never had to maneuver a baby as little as I did for this portion of the session, everything just looked amazing. Despite just having a baby too Mama A looked so amazingly beautiful! I actually had her model for me for a few minutes while N slept in his car seat and nearly forgot we were doing a newborn session!!! I could have spent a whole hour just taking photos of her by herself.

I'm about 3/4 done with this gallery and I'm so madly in love with the outdoor photos I def put the studio photos off till the end. I don't think I've ever had such a hard time choosing photos and I feel like I need to redo all my packets now and update it with the photos from this session! I can't wait to show this awesome family their full gallery and I can't wait for more beautiful mama's and babies like this to come my way soon!

Baby S Newborn Session

Almost 3 years ago, at the start of my newborn career, an awesome couple (& even cooler friends) welcomed their first child into the world and you best believe I jumped at the opportunity to shoot their baby! After hours of planning, because back then it didn't take me weeks to actually plan because I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I welcomed Mitchell & Brittany into my home studio and walked myself right into a whirlwind! I spent some time dying cheesecloth (which has ZERO stretch to it guys, don't believe all those blogs!!!), buying fabrics, the works, excited to use literally every newborn prop I had at the time for her session. I've got to say I psyched myself up for so long, after seeing all these sleepy adorable baby photos online and thinking that that would be the cutest thing ever to add to my portfolio, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Newborns have definitely been one of the most complicated, yet most rewarding, models I have ever worked with. I never imaged how much newborns pee and poop, especially when naked, nor did I think that it would be so hard to get them to sleep for more then 5 minutes! Isn't that what newborns do? Eat, poop, and sleep??? The photos you see online are a dirty lie and make it look so easy!

Now Big sister H was definitely a challenging newborn. Despite being fed and kept up before our session she was literally awake for the whole thing and loved the fur I laid her on so much that she peed on it more then once! She never cried but was the biggest wiggle bug I have ever seen! It was also the first time Papa M had been pooed on and it was an amazingly funny experience. Even though I wasn't nearly as knowledgeable about posing newborns/didn't have all the fancy cute props I have now, I still love the family photos I did from H's newborn session. Mama B & Papa M look so incredibly proud of their beautiful little girl that it doesn't matter her fingers weren't flat, her wrap wasn't smooth, or her arms were literally spelling out YMCA the whole time, the photos are still so sentimental even I can look past all the fine details to see the true beauty of the family.

Fast forward almost 3 years and M & B are welcoming their second beautiful little girl into the world and it wasn't an option for the now 4  to once again visit me! Baby S was just as beautiful as I imagined her and Mama B has a hotter postpartum body than I have on a good day so I was incredibly jealous. She also had more hair then I thought a newborn could have and her mama picked out a beautiful color pallet so I was incredibly excited to piece everything together! Following in her adorable sisters footsteps Baby S was awake for a good chunk of her session and was more interested in why I was moving her around so much then sleeping. Despite being such a wiggle butt we did manage to get her to sleep for a good 15 straight minutes which was all I needed!

Baby S Newborn Session - SM - Chelsea Meadows Photography 11.jpg

Big Sister H amazed me at how well she handled her little sister! I've never seen a sibling so young walk around (or try to at least!) with 'their' baby with such ease as H did! She sat down and proper her upright, cradled her, the works! This little mama is going to be a huge help to her parents! S wasn't too terribly pleased we kept moving her around while she tried to sleep but still managed to look like a gerber model for her family photos!

Purple knit blanket - Baileys Knits

Puple wrap and headbands - Emmy Blue Headbands

Purple Bonnet - Pinkytinks Boutique

Purple and Yellow headband - Pixie Blossoms

White floral headband - Pixie Blossoms

Ivory Headband and wrap - Emmy Blue Headbands

E Family Maternity Session

Talk about a family that's hit the genetic lottery! Some 7 months ago Mrs. E announced she was expecting her second child and I was ecstatic! I knew I just had to buy my time and hopefully I'd be able to see them and though it took till Mama Brittany's 37th week it was well worth the wait! (It also means less time for me to wait till I get to meet Baby S!) Papa Mitchell had contacted me some weeks before our session and we attempted to plan a session for his adorable family in secrecy but it wasn't until Mama B got involved that the whole thing really came together! 

The hardest part of this session was not only trying to decide which of my maternity dresses Mama B would wear (the answer was all of them!) but letting this adorable family leave! Big Sister H was such a cute little ham and you can tell she's used to having her photos taken on a regular basis! Even when the chilly wind would blow H would just throw on the biggest smile as soon as I lifted my camera. She's super excited to meet her little sister and is going to be such a great little helper to her parents! 

Baby P 6 month Session

The first BLOGGED session of 2017 is well deserved to be shown first for the excessive cuteness!

It's crazy how fast 6 months goes by when it's not your child! Somehow it's already been 6 months & little Baby P was extra sweet & cuddly for her 6 month session. She was much happier to see me this time around & had thankfully forgotten how much I disturbed her while she slept during her newborn session! After planning for many weeks trying to work around this sweet princess being sick & Nashville's inconsistent weather we finally caught a lovely day in between the rain & wind to shoot on this awesome families beautiful property! We spent the first part of the morning going through the older girls (who are the best mini mommies) closet & my goodness I've never seen such a wardrobe with such exquisite taste! It was easy to see why mama J had such a hard time deciding between outfits. I can't decide what the best part of this family is. How sweet Ms. P is, how social and easy Mama J & Papa R are to get along with, or just how incredibly awesome the R & G are! The older girls, G & R, always acted like they were so happy to see me & have always so social & well behaved anytime I have met them, in ever setting! I always try & squeeze extra time in between photo taking to frolic with them & catch up on the latest gossip ;) 

Little Miss G & R were also kind enough to watch their baby sister while I snapped a few photos of Mama J & Papa R together! The two newlyweds looked so great together & photographed so well I could have spent another hour with them just taking couple photos, but we just so happened to shoot on super bowl Sunday & that takes precedence over most things! 

Believe it or not the hardest part of this session was getting Ms. P to look at me! There was lots of tasty grass all around to be eaten & having photos taken on game day wasn't exactly what this cutie had in mind! She fell asleep for a portion of the shoot & things became so much easier! You could also tell just how adorable & squishy her cheeks were when they were smushed up against her Mama! 

Though Ms. P is halfway through graduating the baby plan I'm always going to be looking for an excuse to work with these little girls & their awesome mama & papa! I've already recruited the little ladies to model some of my handmade dresses for me soon! I'm starting to try & slow down finishing these photos because I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when I finish!!! 

Deer headband - Dearest Dreams

Red Headband - Pixie Blossoms

Matoka & Jarett Engagment Session

Going on adventures with friends is one of the best parts of being a photographer! As much as I love my many adventures with young Samuel there's just something extra special about going out and sharing in the mischief with equally as awesome people. Matoka & Jarett are always so much fun to be around and I always get some stunning images from all their sessions so when we planned on going to Cummins Falls I thought we would get some drop dead gorgeous images at the waterfall! Well, we got some awesome images but they weren't by the waterfall! None of us had ever been to the area & as beautiful of a drive & walk as it was it was atrocious to navigate. The weather was thankfully beautiful but that just meant the area was packed with people who didn't seem to notice that we were taking pictures. We went out of the way in lots of areas to get photos and not to disturb anyone doing their thing and somehow people still seemed to go out of their way to sit on the same rock or stand in the same area as J & M. The fact that it just so happened to be the one time of year I get sick & I had no voice what so ever didn't help too much! Thankfully Blake was there to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible & I had to use him multiple times to show the two what type of pose I needed them to do. Despite the craziness of the day these two were such good sports & always provide such amazing conversation. They managed to make a crazy day an amazing experience and despite the cluttered setting they still knocked it out of the park! In every photo, posed or not the way they look at each other is the way that all women want their man to look at them (& vice versa). One of the best things from the day was the fact that Matoka was painting her nails as we went, which takes some serious skill!!!

 I can't wait to finish this session up or for their wedding in October!!! 

Landon & Laura Stylized Wedding Session

After shooting Jess & Wes I've been itching to shoot as many stylized sessions as possible, I've even tied them into most my wedding packages! Over the last few months I've been working with vendors & couples/models piecing together multiple sessions over the next year however all of that seemed so far away. I'm an incredibly impatient woman so I decided to quickly piece together a little shoot for myself! I wanted to try something a little different this time, style wise at least, & picked a few of my favorite locations & a few of my favorite people to shoot!

I knew right off the bat I wanted to have Laura be my lady model. She's always such a pleasure to be around & of course work with. Her personality & beauty are just something you really want to hate her for but I put all that resentment aside long enough to spend a morning working with her. I also had to use barely any fabric for our session because Laura weighs a whole 10 pounds. Picking out the male model was much harder. I planned for the longest time on using Blake but than I was torn on him being a reoccurring model & having clients confused seeing photos of us together than photos of him with another girl. I mean, I could tell them I was a home wrecker & took him from her but that would be hard to believe ;) ! So, in my selfishness, I decided to venture out & find someone else! Landon M is an incredibly awesome musician & fellow that I went to high school with & was a knock out than & still is. I've been trying to work with Landon for ages but he is incredibly allusive so I was over the moon when I finally got confirmation from him & he did not disappoint!!! We of course shot on an incredibly chilly morning & got started much earlier than any of us were accustom to. You know when you plan on waking up early & being productive but than the time comes & your bed is so comfy & it's so cold out? Well, that as def the case here but the pay off was so worth it!

Laura was of course late & put us behind schedule so there was no time for warm & fuzzy introductions. This was the first time the two had met & I'm sure it was incredibly awkward pretending they were a couple but they were able to fake it just enough to be semi convincing!!! It was great watching Landon try & squat down to be semi close to Laura's level, there was such a height difference it was rather funny putting the two next to each other! Landon's awesome & beautiful girlfriend was a real life savor though, she accompanied us on the shoot & kept telling him to stand up straight & was incredibly supportive of him & making everyone comfortable!

Anyone that has ever worked with me knows I've got a long list of knee slappers I love to share to get some of those genuine laughing photos. Laura couldn't stop laughing but thankfully she's just as cute with a big smile on her face!!!

After we left the SB center we made the awful decision to go deeper into downtown Nashville to the pedestrian bridge. We spent a few good minutes in the cold trying to decide if we wanted to pay the $15 to park for a whole 5 minutes or if we wanted to risk it & rush. Landon informed us a parking ticket was only about $15 so we took our chances & ran up the stairs, around the people, & started shooting. It was colder on the bridge than it was by the SB & I still don't know how these two managed to look so good in such harsh conditions.

Our third location welcomed warmer weather at on of my favorite wedding venues, Barn in the Bend. The owners are always so incredibly hospitable & quick to reply I was absolutely thrilled when they allowed me to once again work on their grounds on such short notice!

After seeing that video of that wild horse biting that guy I've had a mild fear of horses & their 'giant people teeth' as I like to call them. The few times I have gotten to work with them though every time their stomach growls or their tail starts to flick I panic a little bit. However working with the horses at Barn in the Bend was an exceptionally relaxing experience & the horses were incredibly friendly (especially since we had lots of yummy carrots & apples to offer). Just a little tip, if you're ever working with horses, don't give them an apple when you still have carrots to offer because they won't want the carrots anymore! I guess it's like giving a kid cake & then asking them to finish their salad. 

Laura was understandably afraid of horses as well, due to a childhood experience a horse trying to eat her hair, so she tapped out for a portion of the shoot which gave Landon some one on one time with them! Who knew he was such a horse whisperer!?! Landon managed to work with them in ways I could have only hoped! He was able to maneuver her to almost every stance & pose I wanted & even managed to find her hot spot! If you've never seen a horse making a face of pure Ecstasy it's definitely something to see (it's an awful lot of teeth so if you're already afraid of those things it's not a great sight to see). The few times Laura was able to participate in the session she a

The few times Laura was able to participate in the session she accidentally spooked the horse with the fabric of her dress. The horse would crane his neck around Landon to see what she was doing & eventually ran off for a good minute afterwards.

Jessie & Wes Destination Wedding

As the year comes to an end & I try & catch up with all my blogs I can't help but first share the first of many stylized sessions with one of my old models & her handsome husband! As I say a bit too much, it isn't often that I get the opportunity to shoot for myself, the last time I did was Halloween & the itch hasn't left (thanks for the itch Maya ;D), so when I saw Mrs. Jess was getting married I definitely made some calls & made sure she knew she would be working with me soon! I spent months watching J & W prepare for their wedding online & share sneak peeks of their decorations, attire, etc, & immediately feel in love. I knew I wanted to shoot them before I even knew what I wanted to do.

After weeks of planning & another week of me changing those plans the day finally came for our session! I've never been a morning person but due to sheer excitement I spent the night before waking up every 30 minutes anxiously awaiting the moment I could take the 2 hour car ride to one of the most stunning locations I've ever visited with one of the most amazing couples to shoot some of my best work to date.

I'm notoriously picking days where it's absolutely freezing outside to shoot very important shoots & this day was no exception. Being right by the water, in the shade, & catching every breeze that went by this was by far one of the chillest shoots I've ever done however J & W still managed to look like professional models throughout it all! You can tell just how deeply these two know each other simply by their movement. Every pose & little movement came so naturally to them & they knew what I wanted them to do before I even said it!

Despite all the parkouring we had to do over chilly waters & all the paths we had to navigate this location remains one of the easiest to navigate! (MUCH better than Cummins Falls). I thought Blake & I had it bad carrying camera gear but Jess had it worst wearing flats and having to carry he beautiful dress in between every location. Wes was such a gentleman & helped her every step of the way & they never once complained about being cold (I was doing enough of that!) There was no ledge too steep or no cliff too sketchy for these two!!!

Wes & Jess Wedding - Social Media - Chelsea Meadows Photography (17).jpg
Wes & Jess Wedding - Social Media - Chelsea Meadows Photography (9).jpg
Wes & Jess Wedding - Social Media - Chelsea Meadows Photography (63).jpg

After two hours we finally decided to wrap it up & head home. Jess & Wes having very little sleep themselves fell asleep almost immediately in the back seat & I felt like such a proud parent with her children all snuggled up in the back of the car. I saw in these two beautiful people a young more cool version of Blake & myself. Working with these two was like working with someone you've known all your life & I can't thank them enough for giving us the opportunity to create such magical photos with us!!!

I also want to give a special thanks to my most excellent assistant/dude Blake Smith! I couldn't have done it without you!



This is what I love most about photography. Working with amazing people in a relaxing environment & turning them into the works of art that they are! As many beautiful locations & people as there are in Tennessee there is so much opportunity to capture so much that I'm extending my destination wedding packages to all my wedding clients, old & new! Relive your special day & dress up in your wedding attire, joining me & Blakein a relaxing environment (minus all the hassle & pressure of your big day!) as we frolic through beautiful fields, muddy trails, steep rocks, whatever & where ever it takes to get the perfect location & photos you always dreamed of having!

Q Boys

As fall quickly came to an end I found myself shooting one of the most bittersweet sessions to date. After years of hearing about how wonderful these two little guys were & seeing multiple cell phone photos I finally had the chance to work with N & J, before they moved half way across the country with their parents. They did not disappoint, they were even more handsome in person than in their photos & right away N warmed up to me & showed me his play room as well as other things in his Papa & Nana's house (meanwhile J hid from me & screamed every time I got close!) Once we got to our location though it was a completely different story. While N was more concerned with the most awesome stick that he had found J was definetly a fan of having his photos taken & was such a ham! I ended up getting to carry him around and get lots of kisses, which were very much so appreciated! Check out these handsome little guys & their adorable outfits! Nana A picked out a great theme & location!

Queen Boys - 2016 - CMP (14).jpg
Queen Boys - 2016 - CMP (35).jpg

Nicole & Drew Anniversary Session

Tennessee has been kind to me with beautiful locations and couples these last few months! After months of talking & waiting for the leaves to change I got to work with the beautiful Ms. Nicole & her handsome boyfriend Drew! These two are celebrating their 4 year anniversary & I was so pleased they chose me to work with them! As little as we spoke before our session, & despite Drew being such a little butt (JK!),  it was amazing how well we got along & how quickly the session seemed to go by! We had so much in common & I think we all spent the whole session laughing! I'm going to have to start thinking of excuses for us to work together again & if you check my galleries out regularly (I mean why wouldn't you?) you can see some of their photos are now up in my portfolio!!!

Nicole & Drew Anniversary - SM - Chelsea Meadows Photography (31).jpg

Halloween Session with MC


It's been ages since I've been able to do a 'stylized' session & ever since I've started making dresses it's all I've wanted to do, so it only seemed fit that I dragged one of my favorite little ghouls to the graveyard with me to frolic. Don't worry, we didn't forget our tooth brushes!  

Normally my sessions last hours, simply because we spend so much time talking and making awful jokes, but somehow Maya & I managed to knock out this spooky session in an hour & a half, even with my knee slappers! I don't think I've met anyone equally as funny or so much like me & I always love working with Maya for this very reason (she also knocks it out of the park every session too but, that's beside the point). I could literally spend all day with this beautiful woman & not get sick of her or her crazy antics!

We spent the better part of the morning drinking (what I thought was) bad coffee from Mc Donald's & glairing at passing cars while we dramatically danced & prayed as we ran through the cemetery. Maya thankfully was carrying enough good juju that we both felt safe. We were accompanied by Jeffery & Jeffery's less important friend who's name I don't remember (who I picked up from Michael's just an hour before our session). Even though Halloween just seemed to slip by my this year but I am so incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to engage in some level of Spooky before the day passed!

chelsea meadows photography - Maya Halloween 20.jpg

Baby R Cake Smash

Another Baby R graduated from the Baby Plan this month! This pouty lip baby just gets more handsome & is probably the #1 reason I'm so dead set on having a boy when the time comes! (Come on now Blake) I can't think of a better way to start fall than with a session with the most handsome little one year old boy, the most stylish mama, & the most handsome papa! We've had this location planned for more than 6 months & thankfully they had a lovely display out that made an amazing backdrop for our session.

Cake Smashes are probably my most favorite part of the Baby Plan, but they're also the worst because it means I won't get to see my little ones as frequently! Baby R's Beautiful Mama (who I always gloat about how I want to be like whenever I have children) had R's theme picked out early & made the set planning so easy! She knew exactly what she wanted & also made the two blue banners you see in the set, which really made it 10 times better! Looking back now it would have been so boring without them! I normally only share a few photos from the cake smashes but R was just too precious & I couldn't help but showing a ton of them! Baby R was a little grumpy at the last part of the family session & we were thinking for a moment that we were going to have to postpone his cake smash, however, as soon as we brought it out he had a complete attitude change & was willing to tolerate me for the rest of his session! As Papa N cheered him on (in the best 'Dad voice') Baby R kept saying 'Mhhhm' so it must have been a pretty decent cake!

Baby R Cake Smash

So I think it's safe to say that it's time for the DW family to have another baby because, not only are both their children so incredibly perfect but Baby R just graduated the baby plan!!! I had the privilege to see this little lady come into the world, to hold her when she was only a few hours old, & now to see her crawling around with so much personality... I don't know how you parents do it! I get emotional just thinking about it...

Baby R & her awesome family came to visit me for like the 10th time the other week & we had such fun splashing in the water & causing mayhem! I've never had such a relaxed session nor have I seen children so well behaved when there were so many things to get into! We almost had a little accident where R almost fell in the water but Papa K was thankfully there to catch her! I think Mama T & I both screamed...

Can you guess this little ladies Cake Smash theme?

Can you tell M & R are related? They look identical!!! M was soooo good while R ate her cake! He waited for his turn to steal some of the delicious blue icing from her & even let him mama have some! I'll tell you, doing cake smashes on a diet is one of the hardest things I've done... never have I ever had to resist the urge to clean out the icing container while making this cake as I did that night!

T Family Session

Last weeks family came all the way from Ohio!

Ms. A contacted me late last week & we were able to manage a quick and precious 'family reunion' session! Her sister, little doe-eyed brother, parents, & fiance accompanied me on one of the warmest mornings of August & I couldn't be happier with the images! I had only originally had the pleasure of knowing A through in passing & through the grape vine so it was such a pleasure actually getting to spend a little time with her (& who I'm going to now have to recruit to model for me whenever she's available!) & I am so grateful her family gave me the opportunity to work with them during their very short stay in Nashville!


K Senior Session

What do you do when you're given the opportunity to work with an incredibly gorgeous, kind, and funny young lady? You make her work with you for two hours.

After weeks of talking with Ms. K's mother the day finally arrived where I would get to meet these beautiful ladies! Though these two are not Nashville natives they were able to introduce me to multiple amazing locations downtown , and though I normally avoid downtown like the plague (fear of crowds) it was well worth the trip! I feel like had K and myself been in high school at the same time she would definitely be a girl I would have wanted to be friends with. She was so kind, smart, but more importantly incredibly funny, and seemed to understand all my sporadic hand motions and directions, even though I didn't know what I was doing half the time! Ms. K was so incredibly classy it only seemed appropriate to incorporate the beautiful architecture of Union Station into her session! It was incredibly hard to narrow down my personal favorites and it's going to be even harder trying not to incorporate all of her photos into my galleries!

Baby P Newborn Session

One of the many wonderful things about living in Nashville is that everywhere you go you can find gorgeous scenery (& it's home to some of the most amazing people!!!). One of the downfalls to living in the area is that the summers can be unbearable!!! However, the weather was just slightly less unbearable than normal the day I got to work with the adorable Baby P & her family! After my long line of boys I've finally had some beautiful girls to work with & I must say the sessions have gotten a bit out of hand! I've probably stripped my prop stash & have attempted to use every little item I own on the ladies I've had the pleasures of working with recently!

Baby P was born on 7.12 at 7:12 & the day I got to work with her she weighed 7lbs 12oz! I had the best little assistants & Mom & Dad had the two best helpers I think anyone could ever ask for! Sister G & R were such good little mommies & were so well behaved our session. They were so polite, kind, & such good listeners, which is all I could ever hope my children to be. Everything came so naturally to the soon to be husband & wife (& they all photographed so darn well) I couldn't stop taking photos!

Little Ms. P Slept through the first half of her session, the miserable outside part, but barely slept once indoors. There were too many exciting things going on! Despite all my little baby tricks this little lady definitely did not like being naked or sleeping on all my soft furs, even if she was tightly wrapped up, however I still managed to get some pretty awesome shots in between feedings!

I'm so thrilled this little lady is now enrolled in the my Baby Plan because now I'll be able to see her & her family multiple times over the next year, not including their Aunt C's wedding in just a few months!

Baby C 6 Month Session

It just so happens that most of my babies on 'The Baby Plan' this year are all going to be graduating about the same time!!! It makes me so sad to see all these sweet squishy little babies that first came to visit me less than 2 weeks old growing up so quickly! They're all developing such wonderful personalities thoughand are just as much fun to work with the older they get!

Baby C and her beautiful mama came to visit me for her dreamy 6 month session the other week and I'm still in awe of how adorable this matching Mama and daughter were! I caught C right before she started cutting teeth so she was so laid back and sweet her whole session but wouldn't stop chewing on her hands!

Baby B Newborn Session

I don't know if I'm getting better or these babies are just getting sweeter! I had a postponement on a newborn last week who was still a little jaundiced so I got to play with this handsome boy instead! Mama E was referred to me by another amazing photographer/videographer Husband & wife team that I know & I've been overly giddy waiting for the arrival of her little guy! We had spoken a few months prior & it seemed like the day would never come!  Baby B must have known I was incredibly impatient because he came a few days early & was at the home studio not too long after! Baby was so well behaved & slept through his whole session, however, He did have an exhausting night keeping his mother & father up all night though (lucky me!).  I always gloat about how babies have the best eye lashes (etc) but Baby B skipped over having baby acne completely & had the most perfect complexion I've ever seen!

Baby B was known as Harry Houdini to his parents & I quickly learned why. I'd turn around for a split second & he had somehow managed to free his arms & legs from his wrap, which resulted in me having to wrap him in layers. I was incredibly thankful that when we moved to his 'nakie' photos he was completely content being posed in so many strange ways, as long as his hands were by his face! This little guy looked so handsome in whatever color I put him in it was hard narrowingdown what to use.

I always love meeting new families & after speaking to E for so long it was so nice to put a face to her & her husband. They were so patient with me as I kept them much longer than necessary (I tried to get them to leave without B a few times & just told them to come back in a few years) & came up one of the most unique themes I've gotten to incorporate into a newborn session in a long time. I can't wait for them to see their gallery tomorrow nor can I wait to see all the updates I'll hopefully be getting on B as he grows! A huge thank you to the G family for allowing me to work with your adorable growing family & cuddling your precious son!

Blue Knit Bonnet - Lavender Blossoms -

Gray Knit Bonnet - Boutique De Marcipan -

Alexis Editoral

For those of you who didn't know I had some of my work published sometime last year for an article written by Alexis E. (who is also the model in these photos) about summer hacks/cheap or free ways to have fun! I loved incorporating all the pastel colors & a little bit of both of our styles into this session (& of course working with her is always a treat). I've been dying to share these colorful photos for ages & it was so hard narrowing down which ones I wanted to share!!! I've worked with Alexis on multiple occasions now & I must say how in awe I am at how quickly she can go from being such a serious intense model to such a free spirit! I think she enjoyed running around in the heat hula hopping & eating ice cream just as much as I did!

Alexis Editorial - Chelsea Meadows Photography (65).jpg