Baby C Family Session


As a special Easter treat I have a very special blog that I've been dying to share all week! Last weekend (when it was about 30 degrees out/sleeting) I was finally reunited with the beautiful Baby C & her gorgeous parents! A few days before our session Luisa & Rey had gotten married, which we've all been waiting for them to do forever, so this session was extra special! It was Mom & Pops first time being photographed as a married couple & I was almost as thrilled to do a few photos of them together as I was shooting Baby C (who is now 9 months old!!!) Rey is absolutely crazy about both the women in his life & though most sessions are spent keeping the little one happy these two parents spent a good amount of time exchanging these sickeningly sweet little glances between one another, holding hands, & just being down right adorable. Rey would just sit there & talk about how beautiful C was & compliment her & her mother without even thinking about it. If they hadn't been exactly the same way at our last session I would think that it was just the fact that they were still overly giddy being newly weds but these two have such a strong & inspiring relationship between each other that it was hard to let them go! Had it not been 30 degrees outside with the wind blowing like crazy (again, it started sleeting not long after!) I could have kept them there for hours!

Anyways, here's Baby C rockin her adorable little Easter dress & one of my favorite Pixie Blossom Headbands!

A big thanks to Auntie for coming out & helping & another HUGE congrats to Mama L & Papa R!

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