Baby T Cake Smash

I've waited four months to share this blog... FOUR MONTHS TOO LONG!!!

My last Cake Smash of the year was with one of the sweetest & most well behaved children that I've ever worked with! I spent months talking with this little ladies mother not knowing that Elizabeth was someone I had known for AGES! (The last name was different and threw me off, don't judge) so it was extra exciting seeing this family after months of talking & years of not seeing one another! Thankfully this chilly weather stayed away for a few weeks & the beginning of December stayed in the 60s for weeks! After blowing up about a hundred (ten) balloons (& somehow not passing out) I met with these beautiful Mama's & this beautiful little lady who arrived in her adorable jammies! None of the photos I had seen of her prior to our session did this adorable little girl justice!!!  Supposedly Baby T never smiled for her daycare photos but was nothing but smiles from the moment she arrived at out session! I tried multiple times to make farting noises with a balloon but couldn't do it to save my life but thankfully it wasn't necessary! Check out this little girl rockin her tutu & giant bow!

Again, most well behaved child! When it was time to walk away from the balloons she dropped everything and went over to her mama's for a quick change & was instantly ready to play again! This sweet girl was so easy to amuse and wanted nothing more than to just play with all the tall grass and her mama's (didn't want anything to do with her parents phone!)

I loved the unique theme Elizabeth picked for Baby T's cake smash and all the vivid colors that came as a result! Baby T loves Balloons (if you couldn't tell) but not as much as she loved her cake!  

Nardi Family Photos - Chelsea Meadows Photography (31).jpg
Nardi Family Photos - Chelsea Meadows Photography (24).jpg

One member of my 'cleanup crew' somehow snuck out of the back part of the house and started the process before we could even finish washing Baby T in the sink!