The D Family

I had the privilege to see the D family before Papa Tam was deployed & have finally caught up on all my other blogs so I'm able to FINALLY share these images! I've loved watching this adorable little family grow and was so happy to have them as my first session of the new year! Nashville weather has given us some incredibly cold days but thankfully the sun came out just long enough this day to make an outside session possible! (Baby A let us know when she was getting cold and brought us her sweater to put back on her, it was so cute!) Adrienne and Tam somehow always manage to produce some of the goofiest but cutest couple photos & Baby A has grown into such a little fireball too, I don't know how her mommy and daddy keep up with her! We spent most the session chasing her around and didn't jump in the water.

I'm always so impressed with how sharp this family dresses! They're always incredibly coordinated and ! Now, if only I could get Blake to willingly dress as snazzy as Papa Tam I'd be a happy lady!

Dang Family - Chelsea Meadows Photography (33).jpg