Ash & Ruch

All of you parents know that once Baby comes along it's all about them! Mom & Dad get put on the back burner, it's a sad fact but we all know it's true... SO! It was incredibly nice to get to meet Mama Ash & Papa Ruch before their cutie pie to be comes along! This couple was so incredibly kind & interesting & it was so easy to carry on a conversation with them! We basically held an ongoing conversation throughout our session.

Ruch, being the smart husband he is, sent me to Ash to talk about all the details of their session & Ash knew way before we even spoke what she wanted to do for their family photos & I was so thrilled to put all her brilliant ideas into play! These two were such wonderful models for their maternity session & were up for just about anything, including climbing a very questionable ladder to get up onto an even more questionable platform!

Despite my ridiculous fear of The Grudge Girl, who resides in any dark corner of the earth, I sucked it up & went inside an incredibly creepy (but beautiful) barn & didn't die. I still refuse to go into any attic ever, for anything other than Christmas decorations.

Despite the storms a few days prior (taking off most of the leaves we were hoping for) & our original location being unavailable we had an amazingly colorful & creative (thanks to Auntie & her adorable props) session!!! 

Ash & Ruch - Social Media - Chelsea Meadows Photography (12).jpg

I love meeting families at the beginning. I love watching two people become parents & I love that they allow me to experience & document a small portion of that first year as a family. Though they still have what seems like forever till their little guy is here I feel like I'm once again going to be constantly checking FB watching for baby updates way earlier than necessary! Congrats again to the interesting couple & I can't wait to see you two again!