Baby C's 1/2 Year

Some time ago I received an email from the beautiful Mama Courtney, asking about a family session for when her little dude hit his 6 month marker. I have not so secretly always wanted a baby boy (FIRST, I'd love a little girl after) so whenever I have a session with a little dude I get overly excited. We exchanged emails & texts for some time & when I was sure she wasn't a serial killer we set a date & started making plans for Baby C's 6 month session!

I've said this before but typically before a client actually books a session with me I'll find one of their online accounts & browse through their baby photos. Whenever I see an extra adorable baby on FB or IG I always imagine what type of stylized session I would do with them & what type of colors they'd look good in... it'd be a lot more creepy if I wasn't a photographer right? I didn't get this luxury with baby C & his family right away. I couldn't find Mama C anywhere online & it wasn't until much closer to our session that I actually asked for a photo of C. She sent me two of the most adorable photos of C I have ever seen taken on a cell phone & I fell in love with him right away! I still didn't know what Courtney or Rob looked like but that wasn't important at the time. The day of our session finally came &  I was invited to C & R's home to start our shoot. I was pleasantly surprised to not only see that they had a fat cat (& an okay dog I guess), but that R was so handsome & C was so beautiful!  The two were so incredibly kind & hospitable & though they had basically never had their photos taken (other than both their senior photos) the warmed up to the camera incredibly quickly!


After we left their home we went to a gorgeous location that the couple had suggested, which has now turned out to be one of my favorite places to go walk in the morning! I've lived in Nashville all my life but had never been to Radnor Lake, which was RIGHT down the road from where my mother lives! I seriously probably burned more calories pulling a wagon full of pumpkins two miles (yes I'm exaggerating)  down a windy trail, but I think Papa Rob had it worse pushing Baby C in his stroller. These two were so patient & kind while I tried to determine tree from tree, trying to recall which way took us to our location. It was worth the short walk though & even though the trails were semi busy everyone around us was kind enough to stay out of our way!

Though C was only 1/2 a year he had more personality than most adults I've met! He is wise beyond his years & is so incredibly photogenic. This family was nothing but smiles but it's hard to be anything else when you've got a happy/handsome little pumpkin like this with you!

The Perry Family - Cooper 6 Months - Chelsea Meadows Photography (27).jpg

Working with these 3 was such a wonderful experience & Baby C was so well behaved he seriously gave me Baby Fever, which I haven't had in ages! I couldn't have asked for the shoot to go any better & I couldn't have asked for better models! Thanks again to the P family & I hope to see you guys again at some point! Happy 1/2 year Baby C & thanks for being such a great sport throughout our session!