Baby RED's Newborn Session

If you look at my previous blog covering the DW's maternity session you can see an awful lot of gloating on how awesome this family is! We've grown so much together but never have I gotten to experience something like this! My youngest model ever weighed in at 7 pounds 12oz & was photographed within her first few seconds of life. Anyone that knows me or has come in contact with me sense that day has probably been forced to hear the story of this dramatic birth! This little lady was to be induced Friday, but she couldn't wait that long! I got a call at 2:15am Wednesday(?) morning, just as I was about to go to bed, from Papa Keith telling me it was go time!!! Contractions were about 6 minutes apart so I grabbed my jacket & all my camera equipment & FLEW up to Kentucky. I arrived around 3:35 (it's been a month & I've already forgotten the details!!!) & not but 45 minutes later she had Baby RED! She had her so quick she didn't even have time to get any sort of pain medicine in her, which I still applaud her on.  The birth was fine, it's what came after that scarred me, her husband, & all the nurses on that floor half to death.... Mama is thankfully fine now but it's something I don't think any of us will ever forget! Fast-forward later that week & I'm driving back up to Kentucky with my car packed completely full of newborn stuff!  I had no room for lighting equipment so her whole studio session was shot in the DW's kitchen right in front of their patio door!

Baby RED was probably the strongest & wiggliest baby I have ever had the pleasure of working with! This little lady broke out of every wrap I did with her & somehow managed to get her hand back up to her mouth! Besides that she was so incredibly well behaved & quietly watched every move I made (as best as I imagine she could!)   

After our 'studio' session we went across the road with her Big Brother M, as well as her lovely mama & papa. After being held by Mama P for less that five minutes Baby RED fell right asleep & stayed that way for the rest of our session. Even though the park was right next to him, with all the fun slides & swings, Big Brother M was very eager to be around his little sister. I was told that while the 3 of them were still in the hospital he was more concerned about when his baby sister would be home rather than his mother & father. He gave her kisses all on his own & was just so incredibly sweet to her, I couldn't have asked for a better set of models!

After we asked him to 'push' Baby RED in her stroller it was hard to get him to do anything other than that! Even when we took her out he was pushing it all around the park & even tried to get in it a few times. Sadly Big Brother M was too big & he was incredibly heart broken over the matter. That was until Daddy started playing with him. Doesn't he look like he belongs in one of the next Fast & Furious movies?

Even though I could hardly imagine just how exhausted these two were they never missed a beat & were more than willing to go above & beyond to help each other out & to keep each other happy. While I did Patricia's photo's Keith was pushing BB M up the hill in his car, chasing him around, things that exhausted me just watching! I can't even begin to tell you how impressed & amazed I was with this couple & what they were able to bring to the table with no sleep!

It's been such a pleasure getting to know these two, than three, & now four & how much I love watching this family grow. I have so much more respect for them as parent's & as a couple, seeing everything they've gone through over the years& just how crazy they still are about one another.