Baby B Newborn Session

I don't know if I'm getting better or these babies are just getting sweeter! I had a postponement on a newborn last week who was still a little jaundiced so I got to play with this handsome boy instead! Mama E was referred to me by another amazing photographer/videographer Husband & wife team that I know & I've been overly giddy waiting for the arrival of her little guy! We had spoken a few months prior & it seemed like the day would never come!  Baby B must have known I was incredibly impatient because he came a few days early & was at the home studio not too long after! Baby was so well behaved & slept through his whole session, however, He did have an exhausting night keeping his mother & father up all night though (lucky me!).  I always gloat about how babies have the best eye lashes (etc) but Baby B skipped over having baby acne completely & had the most perfect complexion I've ever seen!

Baby B was known as Harry Houdini to his parents & I quickly learned why. I'd turn around for a split second & he had somehow managed to free his arms & legs from his wrap, which resulted in me having to wrap him in layers. I was incredibly thankful that when we moved to his 'nakie' photos he was completely content being posed in so many strange ways, as long as his hands were by his face! This little guy looked so handsome in whatever color I put him in it was hard narrowingdown what to use.

I always love meeting new families & after speaking to E for so long it was so nice to put a face to her & her husband. They were so patient with me as I kept them much longer than necessary (I tried to get them to leave without B a few times & just told them to come back in a few years) & came up one of the most unique themes I've gotten to incorporate into a newborn session in a long time. I can't wait for them to see their gallery tomorrow nor can I wait to see all the updates I'll hopefully be getting on B as he grows! A huge thank you to the G family for allowing me to work with your adorable growing family & cuddling your precious son!

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