maya costanza

Halloween Session with MC


It's been ages since I've been able to do a 'stylized' session & ever since I've started making dresses it's all I've wanted to do, so it only seemed fit that I dragged one of my favorite little ghouls to the graveyard with me to frolic. Don't worry, we didn't forget our tooth brushes!  

Normally my sessions last hours, simply because we spend so much time talking and making awful jokes, but somehow Maya & I managed to knock out this spooky session in an hour & a half, even with my knee slappers! I don't think I've met anyone equally as funny or so much like me & I always love working with Maya for this very reason (she also knocks it out of the park every session too but, that's beside the point). I could literally spend all day with this beautiful woman & not get sick of her or her crazy antics!

We spent the better part of the morning drinking (what I thought was) bad coffee from Mc Donald's & glairing at passing cars while we dramatically danced & prayed as we ran through the cemetery. Maya thankfully was carrying enough good juju that we both felt safe. We were accompanied by Jeffery & Jeffery's less important friend who's name I don't remember (who I picked up from Michael's just an hour before our session). Even though Halloween just seemed to slip by my this year but I am so incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to engage in some level of Spooky before the day passed!

chelsea meadows photography - Maya Halloween 20.jpg

Maya C

Maya, Darling, Light of my life...

Take note guys. On a first date, you want to take a beautiful woman like this to a big giant field where she can frolic. Even if it's in 30 degree weather. It's been weeks since I've been able to see this beautiful woman but the wait is well worth it! I can happily say you'll be seeing this face on my website (blog/FB) for many moons to come.

Even though this was Maya's first time being photographed professionally she did way better than I could have ever imaged! I guess it runs in the family though! Maya looks good from every angle & has her smolder down (watching ANTM pays off guys)

This family has produced nothing but beautiful & kind woman & has always made me feel incredibly comfortable & welcomed. I haven't laughed or so smiled so much in a long time & it was well worth the frostbite! After several hours of spooning for warmth & thawing out our hands Maya & I had to say our parting goodbyes (until next time of course!). It was hard trying to narrow down what photos to share & I'm happy to announce I have a new consistent model who I'll be gracing my page for many years to come!  Be sure to check back soon for a full blog covering her little princess!