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Ms. I Six Month Session

Little Miss I was so incredibly animated her whole session, she made me fall in love with shooting babies all over again! I think I've decided that 6 month olds are my favorite age to shoot because they have enough of a personality  to have great interactions with, they're growing into their unique facial features, AND they can't run away from you (which is half the battle most the time!!!) This little lady came for a mini session and was SO good I made her and her Mama stay much longer. She did all the things you hope your babies would do while having their photos taken and her outfits were just to die for! Her Mama was stressing a little bit on what to wear but Auntie came in and saved the day and provided us with some of the cutest dresses ever!!! Do they make these in Adult Size? Doesn't it seem like kids have the cutest clothes? Step your game up old navy!!!

Ivy 6 Month Session - SM - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (12).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - SM - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (13).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - SM - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (4).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - SM - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (1)_edited-1.jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - SM - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (3).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - SM - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (2).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - SM - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (7).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - SM - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (8).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (31).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (41).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (47).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (49).jpg
Ivy 6 Month Session - Nashville Family Photographer - Chelsea Meadows Photography (50).jpg

Little Ms. R Pageant Session

No matter how often you work with a family or how well you think you know them they always seem to have a way of surprising you! That was very much so the case for Ms. R, even though I was literally there when she was born and have worked with her multiple times since then I was taken back how much of a little fireball she was on our private session together! Without her big brother or father around I got to focus exclusively on this little lady for her Pageant photos and she was such an incredible delight. Her personality is much too old for her age, she is so incredibly well behaved, exceptionally smart, and is just all around funny. The hour we spent playing peekaboo to get these beautiful cheeky smiles was by far the best hour of that day! If this little lady gives the judges in Texas just an ounce of the personality she gave me she's going to knock it out of the park!!!

Little Ms. R's floral headband by the super awesome 100AcreBoutique

Baby P 6 month Session

The first BLOGGED session of 2017 is well deserved to be shown first for the excessive cuteness!

It's crazy how fast 6 months goes by when it's not your child! Somehow it's already been 6 months & little Baby P was extra sweet & cuddly for her 6 month session. She was much happier to see me this time around & had thankfully forgotten how much I disturbed her while she slept during her newborn session! After planning for many weeks trying to work around this sweet princess being sick & Nashville's inconsistent weather we finally caught a lovely day in between the rain & wind to shoot on this awesome families beautiful property! We spent the first part of the morning going through the older girls (who are the best mini mommies) closet & my goodness I've never seen such a wardrobe with such exquisite taste! It was easy to see why mama J had such a hard time deciding between outfits. I can't decide what the best part of this family is. How sweet Ms. P is, how social and easy Mama J & Papa R are to get along with, or just how incredibly awesome the R & G are! The older girls, G & R, always acted like they were so happy to see me & have always so social & well behaved anytime I have met them, in ever setting! I always try & squeeze extra time in between photo taking to frolic with them & catch up on the latest gossip ;) 

Little Miss G & R were also kind enough to watch their baby sister while I snapped a few photos of Mama J & Papa R together! The two newlyweds looked so great together & photographed so well I could have spent another hour with them just taking couple photos, but we just so happened to shoot on super bowl Sunday & that takes precedence over most things! 

Believe it or not the hardest part of this session was getting Ms. P to look at me! There was lots of tasty grass all around to be eaten & having photos taken on game day wasn't exactly what this cutie had in mind! She fell asleep for a portion of the shoot & things became so much easier! You could also tell just how adorable & squishy her cheeks were when they were smushed up against her Mama! 

Though Ms. P is halfway through graduating the baby plan I'm always going to be looking for an excuse to work with these little girls & their awesome mama & papa! I've already recruited the little ladies to model some of my handmade dresses for me soon! I'm starting to try & slow down finishing these photos because I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when I finish!!! 

Deer headband - Dearest Dreams

Red Headband - Pixie Blossoms

Lady N Maternity Session

I think it's still pretty bad that I'm catching up on blogs from last year, but that's okay (is what I keep telling myself!) at least everyone has their photos! 

I had a brief visit from my very lovely friend Ms. N late last year & though she was only 4 or so months along in her pregnancy we faked it by eating lots of burritos and double stuffed Oreos before our session. I didn't need to, but I wanted to be there for support. 

The beautiful N modeling one of my favorite maternity dresses! Hopefully I get to meet her little lady at some point this year, even if it means I have to go to California!!! 

This is the second time I've gotten to shoot N & her little stinker J, who is always so well behaved & so very photogenic! As soon as he saw his mama in her form fitting dress he laughed at her with a huge grin on his face & said 'Your belly is so much bigger!' He was happy to show off his muscles & hold the pumpkin but he was definitely struggling! It was the cutest thing ever! J is going to be an awesome big brother & I'm so happy I got to work with these (3) the short time they were visiting Nashville! 


Q Boys

As fall quickly came to an end I found myself shooting one of the most bittersweet sessions to date. After years of hearing about how wonderful these two little guys were & seeing multiple cell phone photos I finally had the chance to work with N & J, before they moved half way across the country with their parents. They did not disappoint, they were even more handsome in person than in their photos & right away N warmed up to me & showed me his play room as well as other things in his Papa & Nana's house (meanwhile J hid from me & screamed every time I got close!) Once we got to our location though it was a completely different story. While N was more concerned with the most awesome stick that he had found J was definetly a fan of having his photos taken & was such a ham! I ended up getting to carry him around and get lots of kisses, which were very much so appreciated! Check out these handsome little guys & their adorable outfits! Nana A picked out a great theme & location!

Queen Boys - 2016 - CMP (14).jpg
Queen Boys - 2016 - CMP (35).jpg

Halloween Session with MC


It's been ages since I've been able to do a 'stylized' session & ever since I've started making dresses it's all I've wanted to do, so it only seemed fit that I dragged one of my favorite little ghouls to the graveyard with me to frolic. Don't worry, we didn't forget our tooth brushes!  

Normally my sessions last hours, simply because we spend so much time talking and making awful jokes, but somehow Maya & I managed to knock out this spooky session in an hour & a half, even with my knee slappers! I don't think I've met anyone equally as funny or so much like me & I always love working with Maya for this very reason (she also knocks it out of the park every session too but, that's beside the point). I could literally spend all day with this beautiful woman & not get sick of her or her crazy antics!

We spent the better part of the morning drinking (what I thought was) bad coffee from Mc Donald's & glairing at passing cars while we dramatically danced & prayed as we ran through the cemetery. Maya thankfully was carrying enough good juju that we both felt safe. We were accompanied by Jeffery & Jeffery's less important friend who's name I don't remember (who I picked up from Michael's just an hour before our session). Even though Halloween just seemed to slip by my this year but I am so incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to engage in some level of Spooky before the day passed!

chelsea meadows photography - Maya Halloween 20.jpg

Baby C's 1/2 Year

Some time ago I received an email from the beautiful Mama Courtney, asking about a family session for when her little dude hit his 6 month marker. I have not so secretly always wanted a baby boy (FIRST, I'd love a little girl after) so whenever I have a session with a little dude I get overly excited. We exchanged emails & texts for some time & when I was sure she wasn't a serial killer we set a date & started making plans for Baby C's 6 month session!

I've said this before but typically before a client actually books a session with me I'll find one of their online accounts & browse through their baby photos. Whenever I see an extra adorable baby on FB or IG I always imagine what type of stylized session I would do with them & what type of colors they'd look good in... it'd be a lot more creepy if I wasn't a photographer right? I didn't get this luxury with baby C & his family right away. I couldn't find Mama C anywhere online & it wasn't until much closer to our session that I actually asked for a photo of C. She sent me two of the most adorable photos of C I have ever seen taken on a cell phone & I fell in love with him right away! I still didn't know what Courtney or Rob looked like but that wasn't important at the time. The day of our session finally came &  I was invited to C & R's home to start our shoot. I was pleasantly surprised to not only see that they had a fat cat (& an okay dog I guess), but that R was so handsome & C was so beautiful!  The two were so incredibly kind & hospitable & though they had basically never had their photos taken (other than both their senior photos) the warmed up to the camera incredibly quickly!


After we left their home we went to a gorgeous location that the couple had suggested, which has now turned out to be one of my favorite places to go walk in the morning! I've lived in Nashville all my life but had never been to Radnor Lake, which was RIGHT down the road from where my mother lives! I seriously probably burned more calories pulling a wagon full of pumpkins two miles (yes I'm exaggerating)  down a windy trail, but I think Papa Rob had it worse pushing Baby C in his stroller. These two were so patient & kind while I tried to determine tree from tree, trying to recall which way took us to our location. It was worth the short walk though & even though the trails were semi busy everyone around us was kind enough to stay out of our way!

Though C was only 1/2 a year he had more personality than most adults I've met! He is wise beyond his years & is so incredibly photogenic. This family was nothing but smiles but it's hard to be anything else when you've got a happy/handsome little pumpkin like this with you!

The Perry Family - Cooper 6 Months - Chelsea Meadows Photography (27).jpg

Working with these 3 was such a wonderful experience & Baby C was so well behaved he seriously gave me Baby Fever, which I haven't had in ages! I couldn't have asked for the shoot to go any better & I couldn't have asked for better models! Thanks again to the P family & I hope to see you guys again at some point! Happy 1/2 year Baby C & thanks for being such a great sport throughout our session!

Candace & Brian

As soon as I mention in a post that I never work with adults anymore (that don't have children accompanying them) I have a week full of happy newly engaged couples! Candace contacted me months back about doing an engagement session with her handsome Fiancé Brian & I was incredibly bummed that she was booking months in advance (even though that makes it much easier for me)! I always love suggesting style, locations, & outfits to clients but Candace knew right off the bat all the details she wanted incorporated into her session & had her outfits picked out & sent to me weeks before! I was eagerly counting down the days till our session & though we had to reschedule due to weather it was well worth the wait! We blew through the first portion of our session in less than 30 minutes.

 I can always tell a lot about a couple based on how smooth our session goes & even though C & B asked to be directed throughout our session it wasn't at all necessary. The two of them worked so well alongside one another & had too much fun  just being around each other & had such difficulty treading through the tall grass that I don't think they even realized they were having their photos taken. Brian had sadly heard most of my jokes but gave me a few new ones to add to my artillery!!! He spent most the session making her (& me!) laugh & everything was just so incredibly genuine that I couldn't stop photographing them.

One of the big things Candace had discussed with me that she wanted incorporated into their session was their love for the outdoors & the two were very eager to tug their new canoe along with them. Though they both informed me that there were two perfectly good seats at either end of the canoe (& apparently that's where you're suppose to sit) I couldn't help but make them pretend they liked each other for a few minutes & made them sit next to each other. Thankfully (but much to my disappointment) the two didn't flip as they went adrift.

It took a weekend of heavy rain to truly bring out all the fall colors we've all been dying to see & we thankfully managed to capture all the vivid colors before the next storm came & blew all the leaves off the trees!

It was nearly impossible trying to narrow down what photos to share from B & C's colorful & romantic engagement session & it's going to hopefully be even harder for them to narrow down what photos to use for their print order!

A big congrats to Candace &  Brian on their engagement. I know they're going to have so many wonderful years together & I'm so thankful you guys allowed me to work with you & I can't wait to see wedding updates in the near future!