Baby B Newborn Session

This blog is probably one of the saddest I've ever had to share simply because it means I'm finished with this adorable families session. I don't get to look forward to working on Baby B's newborn photos till the wee hours of the morning (it's 4am as I'm writing the blog so I apologize if I start to ramble) & that's rather depressing. After Mama Bre shared a image of her beautiful friend Amber in the hospital with her newbornI fell in love & silently waited, hoping that she would contact me about shooting her adorable little dude. To my pleasure she got in touch with me the following day & we set up a date!!! As I've said before, I have 10 thousand items for little girls so I scrambled to get some items together for Baby B's session. I colored a few wraps & made a little hat just for his session & now I'm in love with the template & will probably be making 30 more, if I ever get some down time (with summer coming up I don't see that happening!)

I feel like I say this all the time but I'm not exaggerating when I say this little guy almost didn't go home. Baby B was so incredibly handsome & literally slept through just about everything. When he was awake though he was so calm & hardly fussed unless he was hungry. He basically just let me do whatever I needed to do with him & he just silently watched. He also had some of the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen on a baby! My mom came home closer to the end of his session so she got some much needed baby cuddles in & Baby B even marked her just in case he ever needed to find her again, I didn't even receive such an honor!!! Baby B was so easy to work with & I was actually able to do a lot of poses with him that I've never been able to pull off before!

If you can't tell where he gets his good looks from you can check out his gorgeous mother here! Amber radiated beauty even though she had given birth only ten days before & her outward beauty was equally matched with her amazingly sweet & kind personality. She really put me to shame in my messy bun, tank top, & yoga pants!!! This Mama was all around amazing & inspiring to someone who has yet to have children, she handled Baby B & his sister like a pro & was so calm & collective in everything she did. She especially rocked my favorite Nautical Headband from Love Adorn Accessories!

This little guy lucked out with an equally as kind & handsome Papa! Papa Nate spent most the session taking care of their older daughter & making sure she was happy, which she was watching all the kitty cats run around! Nate is also a very talented Tattoo artist so I couldn't pass up the chance to her some photos with him & Baby B

Beau - Chelsea Meadows Photography 4.jpg

This was one of the hardest 'sneak peeks' I've ever had to come up with simply because I love every image from the session. This family was just so perfect & I'm already looking for an excuse to get them back over to my home studio! Though I only spent a short amount of time with this adorable family it was so easy to tell how much they all cared for one another & how hard they had worked to get to the point they were at now. Baby B is so lucky to not only have a smart & sweet sister like A was but to also have a mother & father who care just as much for each other as they do him!

Blue Knit Blanket - Bailey's Knits -

Nautical Head Band - Love Adorn Accessories -

Gray Bonnet - Boutique De Marcipan -