Jessica & John Engagement Session

After months & months of talking & trying to meet fellow photographer Jessica E we finally spent a morning together (doing what you ask? Why) taking photos of course! Jess is a talented photographer located in Pegram whom I had spoken to on several occasions about meeting, working together, & all that jazz, BUT, something always came up & it just never happened. However, this lovely mama of two recently got engaged to her handsome now fiance John & it seemed like the best time to finally get together! Meeting Jess was well worth the wait though! She was just as kind & considerate as she I thought she'd be & twice as pretty!

To my surprise (& of course pleasure) J & E brought along their youngest son D, who almost stole the show from his mama & papa! He was so photogenic it was hard not to include him in more photos, you could tell he was accustom to having a camera in this face!

Though their older son couldn't be there for the session Jessica still managed to include him in their photos!

It was so nice not only getting to meet Jess for the first time, but to also have a fellow photographer as a model! Her & John made the session go by too quickly & made my job a piece of cake! We were sadly finished so much sooner than I expected(Even though thy had a little one with them!) but now I get to look forward to working with these two again come wedding day! I'll be sure to bring the blanket John made so much for of during our shoot