A & T Anniversary Session

As T & A make a quick stop in Nashville after a 20 hour car ride from RI (eclipse traffic!) and we were able to do a really quick session before the rain really started coming down! Literally, as we were leaving it started to pour, we were able to make it to the cars and I was able to make it home, which was about 3 minutes away! I'm happy we didn't do the 25 minute drive to the location we were originally wanting to shoot at because we would have never made it! 

Working on such a short time frame wasn't a problem with these two as interacting with one another came so incredibly easily and the jokes flowed like honey. I would start a pose and they would completely make it there own, which is what every photographer wants in a couple! These two were celebrating 15 years of marriage and I was informed at their wedding they actually ran in jumped in the ocean after the ceremony so this was a bit of a cake walk for them! The session is short and for now the blog is short as we are in the process of helping my brother move!!!

The wonderful woman in the photos is also the owner of SweetSouthernBabies and makes the cutest outfits!!!

Angie & Tom - Nashville Couples Photography - Chelsea Meadows Photography (8)_edited-1.jpg
Angie & Tom - Nashville Couples Photography - Chelsea Meadows Photography (3)_edited-2.jpg
Angie & Tom - SM - Nashville Couples Photography - Chelsea Meadows Photography (11).jpg
Angie & Tom - Nashville Couples Photography - Chelsea Meadows Photography (7)_edited-1.jpg
Angie & Tom - Nashville Couples Photography - Chelsea Meadows Photography (2)_edited-1.jpg
Angie & Tom - Nashville Couples Photography - Chelsea Meadows Photography (10)_edited-1.jpg
Angie & Tom - SM - Nashville Couples Photography - Chelsea Meadows Photography (12).jpg

DW Maternity Session

Baby DW number 3 is almost here!!! This means at any given moment I can be driving up to KY to witness this little monster to make her/his big debut! Lets hope unlike his/her sister, they decide to arrive at a hard noon! Hopefully this isn't the last of the DW children, I know if Mama can help it she'll get two more out of Papa K, because they make the most adorable kids! Check out this beauty rockin one of my maternity dresses & her adorable munchkins (& handsome hubby) giving her some serious love!

P Family Session

You don't realize just how long two years has been until you see a family you haven't seen in ages and they have one child running around and another who is just starting to sit up (that you had no clue they even had)! Two years ago I had amazing photo session with Baby C, who is now Big Brother C, and his amazing Mama & Papa! Nashville weather, as much as I love it, I hate it all the same. We had to reschedule twice to do rain and sickness caused by allergies, so the third time was definitely the charm! We did however end up finishing right before it started to storm, the storm that brought all this awful Nashville humidity, & I'm so thankful we had such a beautiful and cool morning to shoot! It's definitely not going to be like that again till fall! 

Baby C had such a big personality, she was well beyond her years and such an incredibly happy  baby!!! She was nothing but smiles (& tongue) her whole session and was reaching for her brother every time he was close enough to grab him. Big Brother C was a little ball of fire & despite what the photos might show he wouldn't sit still! There were so many exciting things going on around us, he was such an adventurer and was so incredibly fearless! (Hence why Baby C was reaching for him, she was trying to get him to hold still so she could get home & take a nap!) I don't know how Mama C & Papa R keep up with them!

Perry Family Session - SM - Chelsea Meadows Photography (29)_edited-1.jpg

To see just how much this family has changed check out BB C's 6 month session with me! Still the cutest pumpkin I think I've ever seen!!!

Jessie & Wes Destination Wedding

As the year comes to an end & I try & catch up with all my blogs I can't help but first share the first of many stylized sessions with one of my old models & her handsome husband! As I say a bit too much, it isn't often that I get the opportunity to shoot for myself, the last time I did was Halloween & the itch hasn't left (thanks for the itch Maya ;D), so when I saw Mrs. Jess was getting married I definitely made some calls & made sure she knew she would be working with me soon! I spent months watching J & W prepare for their wedding online & share sneak peeks of their decorations, attire, etc, & immediately feel in love. I knew I wanted to shoot them before I even knew what I wanted to do.

After weeks of planning & another week of me changing those plans the day finally came for our session! I've never been a morning person but due to sheer excitement I spent the night before waking up every 30 minutes anxiously awaiting the moment I could take the 2 hour car ride to one of the most stunning locations I've ever visited with one of the most amazing couples to shoot some of my best work to date.

I'm notoriously picking days where it's absolutely freezing outside to shoot very important shoots & this day was no exception. Being right by the water, in the shade, & catching every breeze that went by this was by far one of the chillest shoots I've ever done however J & W still managed to look like professional models throughout it all! You can tell just how deeply these two know each other simply by their movement. Every pose & little movement came so naturally to them & they knew what I wanted them to do before I even said it!

Despite all the parkouring we had to do over chilly waters & all the paths we had to navigate this location remains one of the easiest to navigate! (MUCH better than Cummins Falls). I thought Blake & I had it bad carrying camera gear but Jess had it worst wearing flats and having to carry he beautiful dress in between every location. Wes was such a gentleman & helped her every step of the way & they never once complained about being cold (I was doing enough of that!) There was no ledge too steep or no cliff too sketchy for these two!!!

Wes & Jess Wedding - Social Media - Chelsea Meadows Photography (17).jpg
Wes & Jess Wedding - Social Media - Chelsea Meadows Photography (9).jpg
Wes & Jess Wedding - Social Media - Chelsea Meadows Photography (63).jpg

After two hours we finally decided to wrap it up & head home. Jess & Wes having very little sleep themselves fell asleep almost immediately in the back seat & I felt like such a proud parent with her children all snuggled up in the back of the car. I saw in these two beautiful people a young more cool version of Blake & myself. Working with these two was like working with someone you've known all your life & I can't thank them enough for giving us the opportunity to create such magical photos with us!!!

I also want to give a special thanks to my most excellent assistant/dude Blake Smith! I couldn't have done it without you!



This is what I love most about photography. Working with amazing people in a relaxing environment & turning them into the works of art that they are! As many beautiful locations & people as there are in Tennessee there is so much opportunity to capture so much that I'm extending my destination wedding packages to all my wedding clients, old & new! Relive your special day & dress up in your wedding attire, joining me & Blakein a relaxing environment (minus all the hassle & pressure of your big day!) as we frolic through beautiful fields, muddy trails, steep rocks, whatever & where ever it takes to get the perfect location & photos you always dreamed of having!

Nicole & Drew Anniversary Session

Tennessee has been kind to me with beautiful locations and couples these last few months! After months of talking & waiting for the leaves to change I got to work with the beautiful Ms. Nicole & her handsome boyfriend Drew! These two are celebrating their 4 year anniversary & I was so pleased they chose me to work with them! As little as we spoke before our session, & despite Drew being such a little butt (JK!),  it was amazing how well we got along & how quickly the session seemed to go by! We had so much in common & I think we all spent the whole session laughing! I'm going to have to start thinking of excuses for us to work together again & if you check my galleries out regularly (I mean why wouldn't you?) you can see some of their photos are now up in my portfolio!!!

Nicole & Drew Anniversary - SM - Chelsea Meadows Photography (31).jpg

Jessica & John Engagement Session

After months & months of talking & trying to meet fellow photographer Jessica E we finally spent a morning together (doing what you ask? Why) taking photos of course! Jess is a talented photographer located in Pegram whom I had spoken to on several occasions about meeting, working together, & all that jazz, BUT, something always came up & it just never happened. However, this lovely mama of two recently got engaged to her handsome now fiance John & it seemed like the best time to finally get together! Meeting Jess was well worth the wait though! She was just as kind & considerate as she I thought she'd be & twice as pretty!

To my surprise (& of course pleasure) J & E brought along their youngest son D, who almost stole the show from his mama & papa! He was so photogenic it was hard not to include him in more photos, you could tell he was accustom to having a camera in this face!

Though their older son couldn't be there for the session Jessica still managed to include him in their photos!

It was so nice not only getting to meet Jess for the first time, but to also have a fellow photographer as a model! Her & John made the session go by too quickly & made my job a piece of cake! We were sadly finished so much sooner than I expected(Even though thy had a little one with them!) but now I get to look forward to working with these two again come wedding day! I'll be sure to bring the blanket John made so much for of during our shoot