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Landon & Laura Stylized Wedding Session

After shooting Jess & Wes I've been itching to shoot as many stylized sessions as possible, I've even tied them into most my wedding packages! Over the last few months I've been working with vendors & couples/models piecing together multiple sessions over the next year however all of that seemed so far away. I'm an incredibly impatient woman so I decided to quickly piece together a little shoot for myself! I wanted to try something a little different this time, style wise at least, & picked a few of my favorite locations & a few of my favorite people to shoot!

I knew right off the bat I wanted to have Laura be my lady model. She's always such a pleasure to be around & of course work with. Her personality & beauty are just something you really want to hate her for but I put all that resentment aside long enough to spend a morning working with her. I also had to use barely any fabric for our session because Laura weighs a whole 10 pounds. Picking out the male model was much harder. I planned for the longest time on using Blake but than I was torn on him being a reoccurring model & having clients confused seeing photos of us together than photos of him with another girl. I mean, I could tell them I was a home wrecker & took him from her but that would be hard to believe ;) ! So, in my selfishness, I decided to venture out & find someone else! Landon M is an incredibly awesome musician & fellow that I went to high school with & was a knock out than & still is. I've been trying to work with Landon for ages but he is incredibly allusive so I was over the moon when I finally got confirmation from him & he did not disappoint!!! We of course shot on an incredibly chilly morning & got started much earlier than any of us were accustom to. You know when you plan on waking up early & being productive but than the time comes & your bed is so comfy & it's so cold out? Well, that as def the case here but the pay off was so worth it!

Laura was of course late & put us behind schedule so there was no time for warm & fuzzy introductions. This was the first time the two had met & I'm sure it was incredibly awkward pretending they were a couple but they were able to fake it just enough to be semi convincing!!! It was great watching Landon try & squat down to be semi close to Laura's level, there was such a height difference it was rather funny putting the two next to each other! Landon's awesome & beautiful girlfriend was a real life savor though, she accompanied us on the shoot & kept telling him to stand up straight & was incredibly supportive of him & making everyone comfortable!

Anyone that has ever worked with me knows I've got a long list of knee slappers I love to share to get some of those genuine laughing photos. Laura couldn't stop laughing but thankfully she's just as cute with a big smile on her face!!!

After we left the SB center we made the awful decision to go deeper into downtown Nashville to the pedestrian bridge. We spent a few good minutes in the cold trying to decide if we wanted to pay the $15 to park for a whole 5 minutes or if we wanted to risk it & rush. Landon informed us a parking ticket was only about $15 so we took our chances & ran up the stairs, around the people, & started shooting. It was colder on the bridge than it was by the SB & I still don't know how these two managed to look so good in such harsh conditions.

Our third location welcomed warmer weather at on of my favorite wedding venues, Barn in the Bend. The owners are always so incredibly hospitable & quick to reply I was absolutely thrilled when they allowed me to once again work on their grounds on such short notice!

After seeing that video of that wild horse biting that guy I've had a mild fear of horses & their 'giant people teeth' as I like to call them. The few times I have gotten to work with them though every time their stomach growls or their tail starts to flick I panic a little bit. However working with the horses at Barn in the Bend was an exceptionally relaxing experience & the horses were incredibly friendly (especially since we had lots of yummy carrots & apples to offer). Just a little tip, if you're ever working with horses, don't give them an apple when you still have carrots to offer because they won't want the carrots anymore! I guess it's like giving a kid cake & then asking them to finish their salad. 

Laura was understandably afraid of horses as well, due to a childhood experience a horse trying to eat her hair, so she tapped out for a portion of the shoot which gave Landon some one on one time with them! Who knew he was such a horse whisperer!?! Landon managed to work with them in ways I could have only hoped! He was able to maneuver her to almost every stance & pose I wanted & even managed to find her hot spot! If you've never seen a horse making a face of pure Ecstasy it's definitely something to see (it's an awful lot of teeth so if you're already afraid of those things it's not a great sight to see). The few times Laura was able to participate in the session she a

The few times Laura was able to participate in the session she accidentally spooked the horse with the fabric of her dress. The horse would crane his neck around Landon to see what she was doing & eventually ran off for a good minute afterwards.

Jessica & John Engagement Session

After months & months of talking & trying to meet fellow photographer Jessica E we finally spent a morning together (doing what you ask? Why) taking photos of course! Jess is a talented photographer located in Pegram whom I had spoken to on several occasions about meeting, working together, & all that jazz, BUT, something always came up & it just never happened. However, this lovely mama of two recently got engaged to her handsome now fiance John & it seemed like the best time to finally get together! Meeting Jess was well worth the wait though! She was just as kind & considerate as she I thought she'd be & twice as pretty!

To my surprise (& of course pleasure) J & E brought along their youngest son D, who almost stole the show from his mama & papa! He was so photogenic it was hard not to include him in more photos, you could tell he was accustom to having a camera in this face!

Though their older son couldn't be there for the session Jessica still managed to include him in their photos!

It was so nice not only getting to meet Jess for the first time, but to also have a fellow photographer as a model! Her & John made the session go by too quickly & made my job a piece of cake! We were sadly finished so much sooner than I expected(Even though thy had a little one with them!) but now I get to look forward to working with these two again come wedding day! I'll be sure to bring the blanket John made so much for of during our shoot

Claire & Doug

Writing a blog is like writing an essay in school, in so many ways... Not just that you have to have an intro, a body, & conclusion, & you have to somehow captivate your audience, but also that I hate to do it. Especially when it's a blog about someone I'm not that fond of. I mean at all.  

Just kidding...

Hey ya'll, it's Doug & Claire Bear! California's don't say ya'll but Claire has been in the south long enough & says it. I was just as excited as everyone else to see that these two got engaged & I patiently waited to be asked to do their photos! If not for their wedding than to at least do their engagement photos! I had awkward encounters with Claire over the last 3 or 4 years, & she's always been someone I know I can text for a good laugh! We have so many stupid stories between one another & I knew that any man willing to put up with her must be some guy! Turns out, I kind of knew the guy! Small world isn't it? Her handsome hubby to be used to skate with my older brother Jonathan & he seriously doesn't look like he's changed in the last ten or so years!

When these two FINALLY contacted me about doing their photos I kindly invited myself to their home & spent the morning playing with their dog, trying to make their cat love me, & oh yeah, taking their photos.

Even though these two photographed beautifully it was hard to compare to Baxtor, who stole the spotlight from his Mama & Papa during out session!

I'm sure you're wondering why a butt picture made the cut... if you weren't before, you are now.

One of the things I've discovered over the last few years is that it doesn't really matter how long two people have been together... when you know you've found the person you want to be with the rest of your life, you know. Just being around these two for a short amount of time would make you think they were a couple that had been together for years. They already know how to make one another so happy & have pretty much pushed all the boundaries in just how weird you can be around one another.  I couldn't think of a more considering or kind man for Claire & I wish them the best with their future together, even though they obviously don't need it.

The only advice I can give to you is to put a limit on how many pets you have... but if one just casually walks up to your door, by all means let it in.

Candace & Brian

As soon as I mention in a post that I never work with adults anymore (that don't have children accompanying them) I have a week full of happy newly engaged couples! Candace contacted me months back about doing an engagement session with her handsome Fiancé Brian & I was incredibly bummed that she was booking months in advance (even though that makes it much easier for me)! I always love suggesting style, locations, & outfits to clients but Candace knew right off the bat all the details she wanted incorporated into her session & had her outfits picked out & sent to me weeks before! I was eagerly counting down the days till our session & though we had to reschedule due to weather it was well worth the wait! We blew through the first portion of our session in less than 30 minutes.

 I can always tell a lot about a couple based on how smooth our session goes & even though C & B asked to be directed throughout our session it wasn't at all necessary. The two of them worked so well alongside one another & had too much fun  just being around each other & had such difficulty treading through the tall grass that I don't think they even realized they were having their photos taken. Brian had sadly heard most of my jokes but gave me a few new ones to add to my artillery!!! He spent most the session making her (& me!) laugh & everything was just so incredibly genuine that I couldn't stop photographing them.

One of the big things Candace had discussed with me that she wanted incorporated into their session was their love for the outdoors & the two were very eager to tug their new canoe along with them. Though they both informed me that there were two perfectly good seats at either end of the canoe (& apparently that's where you're suppose to sit) I couldn't help but make them pretend they liked each other for a few minutes & made them sit next to each other. Thankfully (but much to my disappointment) the two didn't flip as they went adrift.

It took a weekend of heavy rain to truly bring out all the fall colors we've all been dying to see & we thankfully managed to capture all the vivid colors before the next storm came & blew all the leaves off the trees!

It was nearly impossible trying to narrow down what photos to share from B & C's colorful & romantic engagement session & it's going to hopefully be even harder for them to narrow down what photos to use for their print order!

A big congrats to Candace &  Brian on their engagement. I know they're going to have so many wonderful years together & I'm so thankful you guys allowed me to work with you & I can't wait to see wedding updates in the near future!